e-Pocket Atomic Exchange

The e-Pocket Atomic Exchange is not just a crypto exchange, it is built to enable good projects to be listed with a transactional wallet that allows users to store, trade and transact on a daily basis using the cryptocurrency and tokens to purchase goods & services in realtime just like they would do with fiat transactions...

Cryptocurrencies practical use

We believe utility tokens should start serving their original purpose of being used as a transactional currency on a daily basis rather than just a store of value stored in various exchanges with no utilisation. Seeing how this industry has evolved and where it is today, the practical use of cryptocurrencies is the only hope for the crypto industry to reach its full potential and affect change on a larger scale.

New technological infrastructure

At e-Pocket, we believe in order to enable this change, we must create the much needed technological infrastructure that will allow these tokens to be seamlessly listed and circulated as a form of payment option among businesses, individuals and service providers .. there are about 1500 types of crypto-tokens available in the market today, however more than 90% are hidden and untouched on various exchanges with no real purpose, which defies the purpose of cryptocurrency and blockchain in general.



e-Pocket Atomic Exchange also enables startups with genuine ICO’s to list their tokens and easily raise the funds they need through our platform where investors will have access to a next level user interface.

That enables the investors to seamlessly purchase your tokens with various payment options; FIAT, ETH, BTC and all other major ALTCOINS with KYC/AML checks. Investors will have their purchased tokens stored and displayed immediately in their decentralised e-Pocket wallet and ready to use for whatever the purpose of your project.

Sounds too good to be the true?


Every client who is registered with e-Pocket gets KYC’d. There is no cost to you with doing that.

FIAT in exchange to Token

Investors will have the ability to invest by purchasing the Tokens with FIAT money directly.

Other coins

The investors will have the ability to purchase major cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH on the same platform.


Investors will also be able to store their Credit Cards, FIAT and your tokens in one place and use these as a form of payment to merchants.

No need to sell your kidney

We only charge an implementation cost and a small maintenance fee.

No limits on purchase ability

Other exchanges might apply a limit on the ability to purchase as a lump sum, which may potentially impact a project, as the investor is unable to invest the entire desired amount at once.

This is a game changer and the next generation
of interaction between MAN & CRYPTO, a true quantum leap...

How does e-Pocket WALLET work?

The system uses QR codes enabled technology to allow the funds (both fiat and cryptocurrency) to be transferred from one account to another. e-Pocket QR code is encrypted and automatically generated by the system to every account holder at the time of their registration on the system. To make a payment to another e-Pocket user whether it’s a business or individual the payee initiates the scan of QR code with their smartphone or tablet. The system cleverly recognises the owner of the specific QR code and initiates the payment. Our platform also stores all invoices and receipts allowing you to retrieve it at any time.


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