e-Pocket’s New Platform Revolutionising Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment

The team at e-Pocket are excited to announce that our iOS and Android applications are firing and ready to go, with our iconic Atomic Exchange now readily available at the tips of your fingertips.

e-Pocket offers a user-friendly and straightforward way to purchase, sell and exchange cryptocurrency within a single wallet, making it easy to get started with investing in crypto. e-Pocket’s solution is designed to streamline trading between cryptocurrencies by allowing traders to swap between various tokens and cryptocurrencies.

For those new to investing in crypto in 2021, e-Pocket also offers Term Deposits on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a 2% interest rate per annum, paid monthly. Term Deposits can be a safe place to keep your cash and earn a fixed interest rate, and with a fixed interest rate, you can feel confident knowing exactly how much your money will earn when you're with e-Pocket. e-Pocket's Term Deposits can ease the stress that often comes with placing your first buy order. It's now as simple as placing a qualifying* buy order, sitting back and waiting for your interest payments.

e-Pocket’s New Platform Revolutionising Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment

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In addition to passively earning through e-Pocket’s Term Deposits, e-Pocket's Atomic Exchange saves you money on each cryptocurrency transaction. With our API connectivity to the five largest exchanges globally, e-Pocket has built a high liquidity hub that facilitates instantaneous order fulfilment and has algorithms exclusive to e-Pocket. e-Pocket’s algorithms break up any buy and sell order into smaller fragments and subsequently purchases or sell it in numerous smaller amounts at the most competitive market price until the order is fulfilled. The order is then executed at the average price of the total of these smaller orders.

On top of integrating our world-class cryptocurrency exchange, we have also introduced 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Enabling 2FA on your e-Pocket account adds an essential extra layer of security to assist in keeping your assets safe. Although it is not enforced, it is highly recommended you keep 2FA enabled on your account at all times. The adoption of 2FA has allowed e-Pocket to move one step closer to our goal of becoming an internationally accessible technology. With the introduction of 2FA, e-Pocket is now accessible in over 25 countries, meaning we are quickly becoming one of the most readily accessible cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

2FA is an essential and proactive step in our updated platform to provide an additional level of security from scammers, hackers and fraudulent activity. At e-Pocket, the security of our customer's financial assets and personal information is our number one priority.

The updated platform will still utilise QR codes for any transfer of fiat money or cryptocurrency, meaning that all you need to do is scan the business or individual's QR code to transfer any funds. This transfer will occur within seconds, as the need to move your money through banks is no longer necessary. If you are not a QR pro, there is still the option to key in the individual's mobile number linked to their e-Pocket account to make the transfer.

The team at e-Pocket have created a world-class cryptocurrency exchange, wallet and security systems. We aim to upgrade everyone, everywhere, with our innovative and accessible technology. While the current financial system has built boundaries for everyday people, we aim to eliminate those boundaries by enabling each equal individual access to their finances.

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